Connecting the physical to the virtual world has never been easier or cheaper. The challenge for most Companies is that expertise is normally vertical – there is an expert in “x”. The connected world brings multiple disciplines together to deliver enhanced solutions greater than each single part.

By focusing on the business need and translating this into a technology based solution, RTS looks for the right solution mix.

This source of information could be a sensor, database, till, camera, RFID, human and could be transmitted in various forms eg: 3G/4G, Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE), iBeacons, Wi-Fi, Local Area Networking (LAN), Wide Area Networking (WAN), Internet, Satellite etc..

Once the information is available, we work collaboratively with clients to decide how best to handle the data effectively and to suit your requirements.

We understand the business and cultural choices when deciding to use a public cloud verses your own private cloud (physical or virtual) or even a mix.

RTS then makes a significant difference by transforming your data into valuable actionable events. A comprehensive set of concise, well communicated outcomes enables strong and confident decision making. The analytics, rules and easy to follow dashboard become an essential business tool.


Services offered:

Technology assessment:

RTS will analyse your technology, it’s suitability for purpose and identify any showstoppers which may prevent you from achieving your strategic goal.

Service Performance Baseline:

RTS will consider your service performance and how “real time” is it capable of being? When dealing with multiple transport methods and edge devices, we help balance edge intelligence with core and build an expectation of an SLA based on ‘Good Service’.

Proof of Concept, Testing and Trials

Proof of concept and testing is always conducted prior to the primary roll out to build confidence with stakeholders and to fine tune performance measures.

RTS will arrange demos and workshops for clients to help you become acclimatised to possible options and potential outcomes in the near to long term.

Scale, Analytics, Trending and Correlations.

Collecting information only becomes useful IF it is interpreted to deliver a new insight which adds value to the business? RTS helps with instantaneous correlations, longer term trending and effective predictive insights. We also give indications of how much additional information can be gathered, stored and processed.