The goal of any business supporting system is to be as hands free as possible with automated tasks and simple support procedures. RTS embraces this idea by keeping it sweet and simple (KISS).

During the design phase, through deployment and testing, we are in constant discussion about how to live with the solution after it has gone live.

The aim is to harmonise the solution with your current Business’s support model eg: You may already have a reporting or ticketing system which can be used.

If you are missing a part, or want to review procedures, we can help with;

  • Consultancy on how to scope the requirement and tender for it.
  • Speaking to someone who overcame a similar issue.
  • Support a bespoke build eg: you may have a person in the company who could develop the value added part, with a little outside help.

RTS automatically supports post go-live for an agreed period. We can also implement rolling term contracts rather than commit our clients to long contractual terms.