You may have heard of the BBC’s latest project; The Micro Bit. We believe that the BBC initiative to provide every Year 7 pupil with a personal coding device can only bring benefits to tech companies, so this is a really exciting initiative. These young people will be behind the next generation of innovative tech, so starting to learn these skills and revealing true potential at an early age will drastically help the UK’s tech sector.

“The Micro Bit project builds on the legacy of the seminal BBC Micro, which was put into the majority of schools in the 1980s and was instrumental in the careers of so many of today’s technology pioneers. Computing and digital technology has become ubiquitous since then, but for many, the emphasis has shifted from creation to consumption. The Micro Bit, and the wider BBC Make it Digital initiative, aims to help redress the balance.”

The idea behind it is that a more hands-on approach to tech will encourage young people to find more of an interest in becoming a creator, rather than a consumer. Currently a higher number of young people accept tech for what it is, whereas the BBC is suggesting more should be focusing on improvement and gaps in tech, to address the imbalance.

This is going to be a great way to give pupils a sense of achievement when completing their studies. The incentive is that examinations won’t be based completely around revising and memorizing the information required from reading materials, but instead provides the pupils with independence whilst learning by doing it themselves. Seeing his or her own errors and successes in real time from practical learning is going to create a skilled, and experienced future workforce.

We will have a generation of DIY coders, which will develop innovation and creativity with products. For example, these young people will have the skills to turn relatively cheap devices into solutions for their problems, which will help to inspire the industry as well as young people. Gone will be the days of expensive technology, as this generation will know how to utilise mass manufactured kit to do exactly the same thing and, eventually, will be able to apply this to business.

Hearing that more than 25 leading technology corporations are backing the idea is fantastic as it shows that today’s generation understands the requirements of development of young minds to keep technology development moving forwards.