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How can the Internet of Things (IoT) and being connected, improve a company’s net worth and profitability?


What is required and how much is currently installed? RTS can help you to use existing assets and skills to deliver an increased return.


Turning a concept into a reality and measuring its success.


How will it be supported and how do you get help moving forward?

Real Time Sustainability (RTS) leverages the connected world sometimes refered to as the Internet of Things (IoT) or Internet of Everything (IoE), to enable companies to gain valuable insights into cost savings and new revenue streams.

The connected world now requires the redrawing of boundaries, relationships, revenue streams and forging of new alliances. The past few years has seen a staggering fall in technology costs, up to 99.97% in some cases, which has opened the door to new and exciting ways of looking at your business environment and developing insights which were previously the domain of big business and large corporate.

The decline in costs coupled with the ease in how systems now communicate, the abundance of connectivity and lower implementation are all significant factors in driving this change. A further consideration is how information is now processed; gone are the days of owning a massive data centre for most companies. The cloud, SaaS, HaaS and on demand processing means lower capital costs, lower variable costs and in some cases even hourly scalability.

The big questions is – How does your business take advantage of this opportunity?

How useful is your data to others, and if partnered with other businesses, what competitive advantage does that give you over the individual parts?

RTS can help you take control of your valuable business asset.

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